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True Space Building Contracting L.L.C.

Successful business collaborations are built on a solid foundation of trust. To that end, you, as a client must be convinced that the building contracting firm you choose will perform to the highest professional standards. Only then will you be able to move the project forward with complete confidence.

The professional team at True Space Building Contracting L.L.C has been performing above and beyond the requirements of clients across a broad spectrum of industries throughout the U.A.E.

A full service building contracting firm, we bring a wealth of technical experience and problem- solving expertise to any given project in concrete, steel and wood construction. Our reputation for quality engineering, rapid turnaround times and competitive price is unquestioned, as is our integrity and work ethic, which is why we are proud that many clients come back to us for further projects.


True Wood Lighting Technologies

True Wood Lighting Technologies specializes in all types of decorative, architectural, commercial & industrial lighting projects, executing both interior and exterior lighting. The products range from traditional lighting to modern and trend setting fixtures & technologies with conventional lamps or with LED’s or with the LED retrofit. Our expertise is also in catering to the requirements of hotel lighting, including shade replacement.

We offer solutions that is technically suited to projects & requirements. Product offering are from reputed European & US manufacturers that have been accepted worldwide for aesthetics & design qualities with materials used that have proven technical performance and longevity.

With years of experience, we have developed competence to model & fabricate custom fixtures that are demanded by unique & demanding projects.